Improving your health made easy with regular dose of crosswords

A recent study has suggested that solving crosswords daily helps you boost your brain skills. The more you solve, the sharper your brain tends to become. Experts had collected data from across the globe of nearly 20,000 people, who were physically healthy, and studied the pattern of results they showed in their brain activities. All the data that was used as a part of the study was from the individuals who were a mixed crowd.


The individuals were classified based on two factors: the ones who played crossword, at least twice a week; the ones who played it rarely. It was found that the latter lot of the individuals showed a good performance in the field of completing tasks, following assessments, giving positive responses to questions, understanding the tasks performed, and good memory.


After all these performances, the experts sat down for the real calculations, with real numbers. They decided to get their hands on the people who claimed to solve word puzzles/crosswords daily, showed great results in their tasks. These were the people who had a brain function similar to 5 to 10 younger than their age. The tests were largely conducted on the grammar skills, reasoning speed, and remembering abilities.

Cognitive Tasks

These are the tasks that help analyze a person’s understanding towards cognitive activities. The user or the performer is made to attempt tests that are related to decision-making, problem solving, attention seeking, making judgements, making correct unbiased calls of actions, etc. These tests come under the term CTA (Cognitive Task Analysis).

More Than One Round Of CTA

Experts always make sure that more than one round of CTA tests are conducted on the same set of people for getting a confirmed set of result. Performances of the individuals are judged on the frequency of conclusions. If there is a consistency in the performance, it is affirmed that the results are sure to go. The incremental increase on the frequency is also considered to be a positive result for representing the results graphically.

Age Limits

It is a myth that crosswords are solved by the elders and by people who have nothing else to do. This an absolute dishonest approach towards truth. This has been set as irony, at times, as well; but the fact is crosswords can be solved by anyone, anytime. It is true that elders, generally, do well due to the kind of experience they have in dealing with vocabulary and word usages, throughout their lives. This need not be true for all, though. There are children who know more words than their adults. This is owing to their confidence and practice.

Clinically Proven

The tests on adults, as well as kids, for studying the co-relation and causation between health and crosswords has shown clinically approved results as well. Doctors have also come up and given their proven views on how brain cells and their activities change or tend to show improvements with regular solving of crosswords.

Scientists believe that if the regular habit of solving puzzles, crosswords and inclusively trying out words games is made possible by the humans, it will help improve the lifestyles and the attitude towards living as well. It is also said that if the brain is healthy, even for a physically challenged person, such activities help stretch the brain cells. This in turn can be equivalent to all the physical exercises the person could have done in the normal state of life.
Keeping you minds active will surely show a decrease in the reduction of thinking skills. This will improve memory and definitely improve crucial decision-making skills.

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